Zubella Dolls

Posted by Wendy on 5/20/2014 to Toys
We're so excited to offer these brand spankin' new Zubella Dolls by Zubels! These dolls are hand-knit by artisan knitters in the Phillippines, and are made using 100% Cotton yarns, stuffed with polyester fibers, and dyed using eco-friendly, low-impact dyes. They are an alternative to those plastic fashion dolls made with BPA (a.k.a. Bisphenol A), phthalates and PVCs.

Rosie Zubella Doll
Plus, they are so adorable! The brightly colored clothes. and curly yarn hair is sure to be a hit with any doll lover!

Sienna Zubella Doll

You can even collect all four!

Crystal Zubella Doll

Zubella Dolls are available on our website in our Dolls and Stuffed Animals section.

Holly Zubella Doll
Tell us.... what do you think of our new Zubella dolls?

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