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Posted by Wendy on 10/3/2013 to Welcome

Hello, my name is Wendy, and I am a mom. My family has owned and operated an online business since 1997. We are very well known in our niche market for our customer service, but something happened that made me decide to branch out and create Play for Keeps. 

Here is what happened.

My daughter Mollie, received a birthday gift from a friend. It was one of those jumbo sized doll heads with hair to style. Mollie was very excited about the gift. When I went to open it, I noticed a warning on the box that stated:


lead toy warning
(actual picture)

Wow. Not even a possibility that it contains lead, this toy DOES contain it! And I knew that I couldn't let her keep the toy. I gently explained to Mollie why we couldn't keep the doll head. A toy containing lead was just too dangerous, and even at the ripe old age of 5, my daughter was still sometimes known to put things in her mouth. There was no other choice, it was going back to the store.

Only...... the store wouldn't take it back. "There is nothing wrong with it" the store said. "It's perfectly legal to sell toys containing lead." Wow, just wow. Okay, I will email the local news, I thought. I knew how outraged other parents would be, it would make a great news story.....

No response.

I was miffed. How could we allow such dangerous materials in our children's playthings? 

I delved deeper. Turns out there are plenty of dangerous materials being used to make toys, and it's all perfectly legal, if it is within the limits set forth by law. Things like lead, but also BPA, PVCs, and phthalates.

The majority of the time, toys do not even specify when they do contain potentially harmful materials. Suddenly an innocent trip down the toy aisle seemed pretty daunting.
Which toys could we even trust?

It was then that I decided to do something. I knew I could create a business that only offered the safest toys possible. If a toy doesn't meet the criteria, it doesn't go on the website. Period. We only seek out the toy producers who pledge to make the safest toys.

We are also committed to the Earth. We recycle whatever we can't reuse. We offer toys made from recycled and sustainable materials. We try to do our part to make this world a better place for all kids.

Whether you are a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, or you just know a kid, I sincerely hope that you come to us time and again for all your toy purchases, and that you come to love our toys as much as we do.

Thanks for your time!



Date: 4/8/2014
Are you still active in selling toys? I see no current newsletter. Curious.
Wendy -Administrator
Date: 4/9/2014
Hi Gloria! Thanks for stopping by the blog! We absolutely still sell toys! You can order from our website 24/7 and our office/warehouse is staffed Monday-Friday from 9-6 CST for phone orders. I apologize for not updating the blog regularly.... I have been spending a lot of time finding new toys to add to the website. I will update the blog with more posts soon, and to keep up with the latest news, please follow us on Facebook: Thanks! Wendy =)

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